Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Quick update.

Oh my. Life is so hectic right now! So much are happening. Tsk. Remember when I said I hate changes? I still do, but life has to go on :) 

E is going to move to KT by next Sunday. I have to babysit El (his beloved cat) for a while. I also (kinda) adopted a new cat. A cute, naughty and hyperactive bob tail cat. Sangatlah nakal! But very cute though. Will post some pictures later ;)

Anyway, I'm selling clothes online for side income. Please visit my blogshop Wonder Apparel for more details. I am selling vintage, pre-loved & new old stock clothes. Doakan saya murah rezeki! Hehe..

Till then, goodbye!

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birthday party said...

nice post :D salam kenal yaaaa