Sunday, March 3, 2013

March, Y U No Good to Me?

Ahhhh March didn't start well.

E moved to KT this morning. So that will make things difficult especially when dealing with vet & cats. How on earth am I going to bring the cats for their 2nd vacination dose? I should chartered a cab, maybe.

Since I lost my bicycle long time ago, I borrowed my housemate's bike for a few months, shamelessly T.T This morning E helped to buy a new one before he drove to KT. An that cost me RM 270 tsk tsk! So there goes my savings for Pulau Perhentian. Sobs sobs.

I am having an emotional haywire for the past few days. Maybe it's because a lot is happening right now. Or maybe it's just hormonal. And I've been meaning to post some photos of my cats & my new bike. But I am so lazy, hungry & glueing myself to Tubeplus watching CSI.

So til then.

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