Sunday, March 30, 2014

Ipoh Food Guide

Well hello! After so much procrastination, I finally write about my eating journey  in Ipoh or Ipoh food guide. We went there a few months back and I am very pleased to review some of Ipoh's finest foods! Nyumsss

Ipoh Hainan Chicken Rice (Halal)

The foods are great. Price wise? Very cheap! Around RM4.50+ for a set of chicken rice. I also highly recommend the bean sprouts, Ipoh white coffee and sea coconut drink. All in all, everything from the foods to the drinks are delicious. Definitely Ipoh's must-eat!

My personal rating: 10/10

Mi kari & mi kicap Restoran Haji Yahaya

These are super delicious sampai rasa nak nangis ok. Hahahaha over. It restaurant is located close to the wet market. I forgot whether it is before or after the wet market :P Price wise? Cheap! Street foods price range.

My personal rating: 10/10
Foursquare: Restoran Haji Yahaya

Cendol Padang Ipoh

We found this restaurant by accident when we strolled around town aimlessly. Hehe.. And it turned out to be awesome. We tried the oreo cendol and mixed cendol (cendol with sweet corn, glutinous rice and red beans).

My personal rating: 10/10
Foursquare: Cendol Padang Ipoh

PS: Semua rating 10/10. Bhuahaha dasar tembun -.-"

Anyway, due to time limitation we skipped a few Ipoh's famous foods. Sobsss. But I have the feeling that we might be back for more foods *hint hint*. If you are in town, here are a few suggestions that I found through Google:

So jom! Jalan jalan cari makan sedap di Ipoh!

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