Wednesday, August 6, 2014

I'm back from Tin Tin City!

Ride a local bus from Tan Son Nhat International Airport to the city center instead of haling a cab :D
Paid VND 5,000 only (instead of USD 7-10 if you ride a cab). Win!


Drank refreshing lemon soda & ate delicious beef pho on my first day. Halal @ Saigon is still awsome as I left it 3 years ago.

Experienced "traffic jam" in Mekong Delta minus the constant tin tin tin sounds of Saigon :P

From top left: Melon & banana icecream, grape cakes, melon yoghurt drink & orange milk.
Groceries shopping (my fav activity in any foreign land)

Drank Red Rose Coffee with strawberry jam & whipped cream in Trung Nguyen Cafe on my last day there!
Weird combo but absolutely delicious :)

Ps: I will update more >.< But for now, pictures will do most of the talking. Hehe

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